Can your relationship status change your overall health?
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Can your relationship status change your overall health?

How does your relationship affect your health? 

Research shows that strong partnerships can help us avoid illness, adopt healthier habits, and live longer.  On the other hand, troubled relationships tend to breed stress and weaken immune systems.  In addition there are other factors such as; weight grain – there is some truth that couples let themselves go after pairing off, stress levels – regular physical intimacy appears to reduce stress and boost well-being, feel-good hormones- higher blood levels of oxytocin – the hormone believed to ease stress and improve mood is higher after hugging, sleep problems – insecurity or conflict affect sleep and make sleep problems worse, anxiety – marital problems and difficult relationship lead to an increase risk of generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety, depression – depression and anxiety go hand and hand, studies show long term relationships, and specifically marriages can ease symptoms in people with a history of depression, alcohol use – one study found that people’s drinking habits tended to mirror those of their spouses; if the partner drank heavily, they too were more likely to do so.  It is also true that conflict in relationships can lead to people drinking.  So keep in mind how these relationship factors can influence your mind and body.

If you are finding that the conflict in your relationship is affecting your mind and body please call today for a free consultation to discuss how therapy treatments can help improve your overall health. 

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The accomplice drank intensely, they too will probably do as such. It is additionally genuine that contention seeing someone can prompt to individuals drinking. So remember how these relationship variables can impact your psyche and body.
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