Pennick Family Therapy - 90 Days to Change
Pennick Family Therapy - "a place for change"
90 Days to
Lasting Change

Are you struggling with making changes in your life? Do you start a new behavior but after 30 days find yourself back to your old habits? 

Change is never easy.  However, with these incredible tools which help you make lasting changes in 90 days.  I have developed these tools using Integrative Therapy methods, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy you can make those changes. 

If not now, when? When will you decide enough is enough and you are ready to live the life you always wanted? 

  • Develop the skills to stop dysfunctional behaviors
  • Gain personal growth and self-exploration
  • Improve communication skills and relationship conflict
  • Gain self confidence and erase fear of failure
  • Develop plan for future life goals
  • Become physically and emotionally healthy by changing behaviors
  • Have support for the first 90 days of the change process

Call today to register for this series!  Enrollment limited to 12 participants.

  Twelve hours of intense training in a four part series.


(includes all materials, handouts and refreshments)