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Are you depressed?
Symptoms of depression as a mood disorder can vary widely from one person to another.  Depression can affect the body, and generate such physical symptoms as insomnia, fatigue, appetite disturbances, diminished sex drive, and affect emotions, causing feelings of sadness, despair, guilt, worthlessness, and apathy.  It can affect behavior, leading to alcohol or drub abuse, suicide ideation, and other socially or self-destructive behaviors. 
Depression effects your personal and family life.  The symptoms of depression can cause people to experience hopelessness and helplessness which causes people to withdraw from life, and of course, this makes them feel worse.  Their life deteriorates and the impact is negative on family members.  The lack of emotional closeness, the constant complaining, criticism and loss of the ability to enjoy life all create conflict.  Spouses can feel hurt and alienated, and children may feel guilty, resentful, and feel that they are to blame. 
You should seek help when depression is starting to affect your life (your family, your job, your outlook) in negative ways, and you are should seek help for yourself, your loved ones or both before things become worse.