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Over the last few years, as I have treated many clients using Hypnosis, as a therapy tool.  I have gained a working knowledge of what areas benefit greatest from hypnosis.  I have also noticed, clients call often to ask about hypnotherapy.  They express that they do not have a mental disorder, but feel they would benefit from hypnosis or personal life coaching.

I use every tool in my tool box to facilitate change and improve the lives of my clients.  Two of those are hypnosis and coaching.  When I use those together with clients who present with issues such as smoking, weight loss, self sabotage, self esteem issues, procrastination, anger, stress, sleep problems, chronic pain, and many other issues that are unrelated to a co-mobility mental disorder we find hypnosis, and coaching extremely  beneficial. 

I have always used coaching as some form with my clients, and most therapist have coaching in their tool box.  However, as a certified personal wellness life coach and personal development coach, I have learned how to provide clients with the support, accountability and encouragement they need as they work through those life transitional periods. 

Coaching is a great tool for helping with hypnosis, because it reinforces the changes clients are trying to make as they transition to the new normal.

If you are interested in changing a behavior, and finding a new way of living your life, please look at these packages listed below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call today to set up your first free consultation.

Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Hypnosis as a part of psychotherapy, is a method of helping you to become more receptive to suggestions for improving your life.
You are basically taken to a state of deep relaxation, in which you are able to think differently about behaviors such as smoking, nail biting, overeating and any other habit disorders. Hypnosis may also be used to work through traumatic situations from your past.
In this deeply relaxed state your subconscious mind, which has a great deal of control over your behavior, it hears and responds to the messages.  Then begins to exert more influence over your conscious mind and subsequently your behavior.
During the first session we gather background information related to the issue on which you wish to work.  I also explain what hypnosis is, and what you might expect to experience. There will be a few things you will need to think about, and prepare yourself for between the introductory session.  It is in the second session, in which we will do the actual hypnosis.  I will also teach you self hypnosis method you can use outside of sessions.

When scheduling a regular session to explore hypnosis you will be set up for three visits over a two week period. The introductory session occurs the first week and then two hypnosis sessions during the following week.  Ideally we need to schedule the second, and third sessions need to be 48 hours apart. The sessions last approximately 50 to 55 minutes. If you have additional questions about hypnosis; or any of our other services, contact the office and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Weight Loss Treatment Package
Intensive hypnosis and coaching through a process of weight loss that consist of intensive sessions twice a week for three weeks and once a week for six weeks. Package includes materials and self hypnosis CD.
Eliminating the Smoking Habit
This package offers those addicted to smoking intensive hypnosis, accountability and support with coaching to fight the urge to smoke.  The program works through three one hour sessions per week for four weeks and twice weekly sessions for four weeks; followed by weekly sessions for four weeks.  Package includes materials and self hypnosis CD.

Stop Procrastination, Self Sabotage & Gain Self Confidence
Hypnosis and Personal Life Coaching have helped so many clients and I am very excited be offering this package.  Procrastination, self sabotage and low self esteem hold so many client back from achieving their dreams.  If you are struggling making decisions, following through, finishing tasks or finding your career path this package can help you.  Furthermore, if you need help focusing and organizing your life this program will be of a great benefit to you.  With this opportunity you get six sessions to be scheduled over a two week period and through these one hour sessions you will see results.  You will learn techniques to help you focus your energy, complete tasks and make changes to the way you feel about your life.  This package includes materials and self hypnosis CD.

Anger Management
Working on managing your thoughts and feelings requires mindfulness which I teach through coaching and reinforce through hypnosis.  By becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings, recognizing your triggers you are able to manage your anger.  This package consists of three intense sessions weekly for six weeks, followed by six weeks of weekly sessions and four maintenance sessions over the next three months.  You receive learning materials and a self hypnosis CD with this package.

Relaxation, Stress Relief, Deep Sleep and Pain Management
If you have ever enjoyed the pleasant feeling of just having taking a restful nap or great nights sleep then you know that your body and mind are capable of achieving a relaxed state.  Hypnosis promotes relaxation and by learning some simple techniques my clients find themselves feeling healthier, having more energy because they are sleeping deeper and many of their chronic pain issues subside when they enjoy hypnotherapy treatments.  This package is three sessions over a two week period and include a self hypnosis CD. 
Special Offer

Half off of the regular costs
If you have never experienced hypnosis this is a great opportunity to try three sessions.  You will be amazed at how incredible you will feel.  The first session will be an induction into hypnosis and will last 30 minutes.  The second appointment you will be placed in a deep relaxed state for 60 minutes.  The third session you will explore deeper into the experience and develop an appreciation for the benefits of hypnosis.  You will learn some techniques you can use outside of the sessions to improve your daily stress level and improve your mood.