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No, we do not take is why...please read

"You may choose to have health insurance pay part of the cost of your mental health services; evaluation, counseling or psychotherapy.  Insurance benefits usually are not paid until the insurance company or a "carve out" managed care organization (MCO) authorizes payment."
"When you use your health insurance to help pay for psychotherapy, you must allow your therapist to give your problem a psychiatric diagnosis.  You must also permit reports to the MCO about your treatment, about your progress during treatment, and about how you are functioning in many areas of your life; at work, in your family, and in your activities of daily living.  All the reported information becomes part of the MCO's records and will be included in your permanent medical record at the Medical Information Bureau, a national data bank.  The information will be examined when you apply for life, disability or health insurance, and may be considered when you apply for employment, credit, loans or a security clearance.  You may be required to indicate that you were treated for a psychological condition and to allow access to this information.  You may be denied insurance, employment, loans, or clearance or find your premiums for life or disability coverage are increased because of them records."
Read more on this important issue at:
If you have concerns about your privacy and the costs of your mental health care please read the following articles from the American Mental Health Association.   

AMHA - Why Pay Out of Pocket for Your Psychotherapy Rather Than Use

Your Insurance? You want privacy. Whenever insurance is used, some information (such as your diagnosis) is available to the insurance company and, at times, to employers. Managed care companies often ask for detailed personal information about clients in order to make payment decisions. This judgmental review can undermine the sense of privacy necessary for effective psychotherapy. When clients pay for psychotherapy out of pocket, there is no loss of privacy to managed care companies, insurance companies or employers.
You want to choose your own therapist. Many insurance companies limit the choice of therapists. Some of these "preferred providers" offer good treatment, keep their clients' interests foremost, and try to keep treatment brief without sacrificing quality. At times, however, the insurance company asks preferred providers to divide their loyalty between the client and the insurance company. Many clients prefer to choose their psychotherapist personally and avoid seeing a therapist with a potential conflict of interest. Other clients may want to work with a therapist who was highly recommended but may not be on the company or preferred provider list.
You want to choose the type and length of treatment. Managed care others make many of the important treatment decisions - the length of treatment, the type of therapy, the use of medication and referral to self-help groups instead of professional services. Some companies provide only ultra-brief therapy and referrals. Self-paying for therapy may be necessary in order to receive the type and length of treatment needed.
You don't want managed care employees making choices for you. When managed care is responsible for payment, they have the power to influence your treatment. A company employee evaluates your motivation, the severity of your problem, and your progress, and makes treatment recommendations. The managed care therapist must take the company's recommendations into consideration or risk losing a contract to work with the company altogether. Many clients prefer paying for their own treatment to eliminate this outside influence.
You don't want to be labeled "sick." Whenever insurance is used for psychotherapy, the treatment must be "medically necessary," which means that your therapist must give you a psychiatric diagnosis. When you pay directly, you may seek consultation from a mental health professional for any reason you choose. People use therapy for personal growth, for help coping with stressful life situations, and for marriage and family difficulties, as well as for chronic and serious psychological problems. ©

Now you can afford therapy now! 
It is always heart breaking to get a phone call from a potential client and they tell me they are unable to afford care. We decided to find a way to offer affordable therapy services to everyone.
In the past we have offered you a sliding fee scale.  However, we have found that to properly treat clients therapy must be consistent and fit the clients needs.  Many times with the sliding scale the clients were unable to attend consistently.  We still offer a sliding scale for low income clients so we can help those clients as well.
Now, we offer three extremely affordable options for payment.  These three packages offer treatment that meets your treatments needs as well as your budget.  We arrange for you to make it easy for you to pay monthly.  You pick your payment and your due date.  Addition to the reduce fee with each package your intake fee is greatly reduced.
Your therapist will only set up a package that fits your treatment goals for the time period that is necessary to meet your goals. 
You will never have to worry about canceling a session because you can not afford to attend. 

Call today for a consultation and learn more about this membership program.
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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Too Many Sleepless Nights Wondering What To Do Next?
I'm Glad You're Here!
If you are feeling tired, anxious and hopeless, you are not alone.  It feels that way doesn't it.  If feels like the whole world has their act together but you are not able to figure out why you feel so bad.  You can't even describe why you are unhappy but you hate the way you life if going.
I am here to serve you.  I offer answers and tools for those who need the help finding the path to wellness; both mental and physical wellness.  Because you are in pain.  The issues may be too overwhelming for you to handle on your own, right now. 
You deserve the happiness you want and your family deserves you at your very best.  Your symptoms may range from weight gain to depressions or addiction but you know that you do not want to continue to live in fear of the unknown.  The only way to improve your life is to take the first step...I promise, I don't bite and you will find a comfortable, safe place to put your life back in order.
What's New...
Recently facilitated a couple's retreat for the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Nebraska City.  It was such an amazing group of 42 couples for the weekend.  I enjoy my work as a volunteer with the MS Society.  As someone living well with the disease I understand the problems and concerns of those who are dealing with the diagnosis.  Please check out the What's New page (to the left of the screen) to see more information about upcoming talks, retreats, support groups workshops that I offer, my work with the MS Society and links to more information, etc.  


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