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Living with Passion

Do you know what your passion is?  How do you live with passion when you don't even know what you are passionate about?  Explore your own unconsciousness & find what inspires you & makes you want to get up in the morning!  Do you struggle with personal and career choices?  Do you find yourself saying, "I don't know what I want to do" or "I don't really have a passion or desire to do anything?" 

We will explore your past, your successes, your fears and your untapped potential.  You will be introduced to areas you have never explored such as music, art, healing, writing, meditation & much, much more. 

The difference between enjoying life and working is that you are living your passion!   This is an amazing class filled with fun and insight!  Everyone who has taken this class has said, "I didn't know what to expect and even in the class I didn't know what was coming next!"  Let yourself be surprised and challenged.  Get out of your comfort zone and experience insight into your authentic self.

You will discover new areas of your abilities, talents and dreams that you didn't know you had.   We will discuss the healing arts and ways to change your entire perspective on life.  You won't believe how this workshop will help you to start living a life full of Passion!!!!

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1:00 -4:00
  start living with Passion!!  Call today to reserve your is limited so don't wait.  This workshop fills very quickly! 
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