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Passionate Marriage
Saturday, November 12th
10:00- 4:00

This workshop is based on the book, Passionate Marriage written by sex therapist Dr. David Schnarch.  Schnarch asserts that the greatest sexual pleasure in life is possible in one's middle and later years, when a mature sense of self has been achieved and genuine intimacy is possible with another person. Dr. Schnarch shows how the details of your sexual style -- from kissing to daring erotic behaviors -- are a window into you, your partner, and your relationship.

This basis of this book that helps create intimacy is the development of self differentiation.  Self differentiation is, I believe the fundamental tool for building, not only a intimate relationship with your partner but a fulfilling and rewarding life.

In this 6 hour workshop couples will learn how to use the inevitable problems with sex and intimacy to grow -- so they can have sex with their hearts and minds, and not just with their genitals (there is no nudity or sexual contact in our therapy or workshops).

All couples eventually hit emotional "gridlock": when partners are at each other's throats, arguing about everything and no one can give an inch or say they're sorry. Gridlock is a natural stage in the evolution of both people and their relationships; it isn't caused by lack of communication and communication won't solve it. It can be the pathway to the hottest, most intimate sex you've ever had.

Passionate Marriage talks to people's strengths rather than to their weaknesses (i.e.: "childhood wounds" and "fears of abandonment"). It focuses on people's resiliency rather than their pain. Marriage operates at much greater intensity and pressure than we expect--so great, in fact, couples mistakenly assume it's time for divorce when it's really time to get to work.

Unlike other methods, this approach may be used even when only one partner is willing to participate. By empowering the best aspects of a relationship rather than the lowest common denominator, this method helps couples on the brink of divorce, when empathy and listening skills offer too little and too late.

This workshop is only offered four times a year and is limited is size to 6 couples so if you are interested please sign up early.  If you have questions please feel free to contact me. 

per couple
includes workbook, all handouts,
refreshments & catered lunch