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Mindfulness & Critical Thinking

We are very excited about this course.  It has been amazingly popular and our students have enjoyed the work they have done in and out of class.  Not only will you be trained to help yourself and your clients with gaining focus, clarity and improving their ability to make decisions but they will also learn techniques for meditation, reducing stress, anxiety and behavior modification. 

Of course, you will benefit personally because you will learn how to incorporate these methods into your own life.  Mindfulness and Critical Thinking have made huge differences in my own life and I have seen the evidence in my client work.  You will learn to retrain your brain and develop focus, grain clarity and techniques to improve your overall quality of life.

I offer this 12- part course, only twice a year.  It is a six month program.  The classes are twice per month for three hours.  You earn a certification and study materials. The next class begins in late November at our Wichita location. However, should you be interested in attending our on line webinars for this course we also have the course available there. 

Please note this course fills up rapidly so get your seat reserved by contacting our office before the end of October.  Space is limited to 6 participants. Course tuition is $795. Early bonus $50 off when enrolling prior to December 1st.

Neuro-Linguistic Programing  

In December 2014, I earned my certification as Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Trainer.  It was an amazing journey and has changed my life as well as improved my client care. 

If you are not familiar with Neuro-Linguistics, here is a short prep:

Neuro: is our nervous system, our mind, which we use to experience the world.

Linguistic: is the language and other communication we use to store experience and give it meaning.

Programming is discovering and using the programs, patterns and strategies we run in our mind to achieve our goals. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: is how we use the basic language of our mind to consistently achieve the results we want in life. 

I am excited to be offering this course in 2017.  This will be a six month course that will offer you techniques, strategies and principles you can use in your practice as a professional or to improve help create achievable outcomes in your own life.

I am committed to your success, and I will do everything I can to make sure your learning is the best it can be. 

Classes begin in January 2017 and are only offered once per year.  Enrollment required and is limited to six participants.  Tuition for this course is $795, and included workbook and study materials.  Early enrollment bonus save $50 before November 21st.