Pennick Family Therapy - Weight Loss
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Weight and health issues are difficult to manage on your own.  If you are over weight, and struggling with health problems due to your weight; or feel that you do not have the energy that you once had.  What is your plan?  Are you going to try another diet plan, get another gym membership, join a weight loss center or buy another diet book, exercise equipment or even the newest work out program from the infomercial on late night television?  What is your plan?  Do you have a concrete plan for getting your health, your energy and your life back?
My standard response to my clients; when they present with a goal to reduce their weight, is to ask them what affect their weight is having on their life, and where do they see themselves in a year, five years or ten years down the road, if they do nothing.  Where do you see yourself in the future?  We all have dreams of being rich, healthy and looking like a super model.  However, a dream is just that.  It is not a goal.  A goal has a plan, a time frame and is measurable.  With my help you can work towards your goal. 
It will not happen overnight.  Let me repeat that, "It will not happen over night!"  You did not gain the weight, become sedentary and begin to feel tired all the time, overnight.  It took time to for you to develop the behaviors of overeating, not caring about your weight and giving up after many attempts.  We will address each of these issues and as I say, "connect the dots". Many weight problems are not just diet issues but are deeply rooted in our unconscious.  We will look at those issues that may be causing you to self sabotage yourself and your efforts. 
I have lost over 70 pounds and have maintained it for over two years. I struggled with my weight for many years.  My plan may not be for you, your life style or your body, however, we will find a plan that works for you.  If you are considering making some changes to your health I insist that you first see your medical specialist for a complete physical before you begin any program.  I use cognitive behavior therapy and hypnotherapy to help clients address their weight problems.  Call me when you are ready to make a commitment to changing your health.
If you think that the latest $19.98 weight loss gadget on television will help you, please disregard all of the above.  You are not ready!