Discover Your Courage: Finding Bravery in Simple Acts
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Discover Your Courage: Finding Bravery in Simple Acts

Have you ever thought of yourself as brave? Or does your inner voice tell you that you are a coward?  You may find it challenging to imagine how courage would be a part of things like your social life, going to work, or communicating with your spouse.  Small changes in your behavior can have big effects.  However, courage is important to all types of situations and relationships.  Remember your natural bravery will also boost your confidence and self-esteem.
Improve the quality of your life and live life to its fullest by engaging in these simple acts of courage every day:
  1. Look people in the eye.  If you're shy or feel awkward, looking people in the eye or chatting with some you just met takes a certain amount of inner strength and fearlessness.  But each time you muster up the courage, you gain more self-confidence for the next social situation.  If sessions I instruct clients using role play to improve this skill.
  2. Speak up.  Standing up for the project you want to do at work illustrates a lot about you.  If you are offering a service or product, show that you believe in what you are saying.  Although co-workers may be vying for the work and your boss might have his own idea about the person he wants to do a particular job, stepping forward to claim what you hope to do exhibits fearlessness.  You'll be likely to receive the type of work projects, orders and desires you want when you step up and ask for them.  These courageous behaviors pay off. 
  3. Disagree appropriately.  Being willing to stand up for yourself with your family members, spouse, friends or partners shows personal strength and courage.  However, it is important to do so in an appropriate way and with respect to the opinion of others.  Maybe you have a situation when you've strongly disagreed with something your partner did or said.  You may have ignored your own voice at the time.  You may have found yourself doing this frequently and discounting your own opinion or thoughts.  This reinforces your sense of confidence.  If your partner keeps repeating the behavior or comments, step forward bravely and discuss your feelings.  Use the "I" statements, while expressing your thoughts and feelings.  For example, "I feel that the best way to approach the problem is to..." Doing so can actually strengthen your relationship.  Clients learn in individual and couples therapy the importance of being self differentiated and learning to focus on their own needs in their relationships with others.
  4. Change how you look or the way you dress.  This may sound strange, however, this can be an amazing confidence booster.  Shaving off your beard or moustache, cutting your hair can actually reveal a sense of bravery.  Even trying a different trend, new style or a color you don't normally wear is a great demonstration of your firm decision to change something about yourself.  Have you ever wanted to change your image or renew your style?  This can be challenging and even a little scary.  Such decisions require great deliberation and resolve to follow through.  But when you do it, you feel great.  You feel empowered.  These simple acts of courage associated with changing your looks facilitate the renewal of your confidence.
  5. Stand up for what you believe.  Regardless of the venue, stepping forward to make a point is a pretty brave thing to do.  This is similar to disagreeing appropriately; however, it is more about garnering the respect of others, as well as improving your situation.  Whether you were the only one in the parent teachers organization who thought something was a great idea or you joined a anti-gang group in your neighborhood, standing up for what you believe takes some measure of fearlessness and risk.  Risk in being criticized and challenged can be difficult.  Stepping forward for a cause that you feel emotionally invested in requires passion and bravery.  Learning to do so with respect and dignity further requires strength.  In therapy we work to improve the methods and modes for stepping forward and the measures to minimize the risks.  However, the benefits for clients is immeasurable. 
  6. Step out of your box.  Take a direct route to work or shop in a different part of town or just go to a different restaurant.  Stretch your comfort zone and venture out.  Explore other ways of living will increase your ability to make other changes in your life.
  7. Wear sunglasses.  When you put on a pair of sunglasses there is a shield between you and the world.  This may seem like an odd tool for improve your self esteem, however, it does work for some people.  By feeling more confident you begin to act more confident and appear more confident to other.  In other words, fake it until you make it.  If you need to hide behind sunglasses to gain the confidence to conquer the world, use this until you feel that you do not need it.
Discover your fearlessness by acknowledging those simple acts of bravery you do every day.  Be your own best friend; instead of your own worst enemy. 
You can discover your courage, it has been there all along.  You will feel great rewards both emotionally and spiritually by making simple acts of bravery each day.  You may need support, encouragement and accountability from a mental health professional or a life wellness coach to help you find the way back to the courage within you.  Taking the step to ask for help is the hardest and most brave thing you may ever have to do but it is the biggest step for many to gaining their power back.  Essentially, by gaining and reinforcing your courage, you lay the groundwork for getting what you want and deserve in your life!  Please do not wait for is the tomorrow that you planned for yesterday.  Where do you want to be in a year from now?  I walk beside my clients and help them find their way out of the dark woods of despair.  Call for a free consultation and change your future today!

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