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Recently I decide to use a “topic of the month for my therapy practice marketing plan.  I felt that by doing this it would help spur me into writing my blogs and create a more consistency. 

When I came to the month of April, I chose “recovery”.  Someone asked, “Why that topic for April?”   

Several things immediately came to mind as I reflected on my decision and as I thought more about it, I realized the more reasons behind my choice that I had initially understood.

By definition, recovery means “a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength” or “the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost.”  What comes more to our minds in April the month of the celebration of Easter than the resurrection?  When my clients present for therapy, many times they are looking for recovery “a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.”  Additionally, many feel they have had something stolen from them or they have suffered a tremendous loss.

What do you think of when you think of April? Do you think about recovery?  Do you believe that you need “recovery”?  You may have never thought of yourself as someone who needs to recover.  Most people will, of course, immediately think addiction when we talk about “recovery”.  However, let me ask you some questions that might make you rethink recovery.

Do you want to get back to normal?  Are you seeking reclaiming your voice in your relationship?  Do you feel that you have loss control of your life?  Are you recuperatingfrom an illness?  Would you like to redeem yourself to someone or to yourself?  Are you wondering if your relationship can be salvaged?  Would you like help improving your life and take the actions needed to recover?  Have you relapsed over and over into addiction?  Are you stuck in dysfunction?  Do you feel like your life, your state of health, mind, or strength is deteriorating?

I truly believe that every client that I see is seeking recovery.  In some area of their life they are uncomfortable with the way things are but they do not know the process of recovering.  They may need to remove or extract something or someone, something or some behavior from their life or they need to regain or rally some strength, feeling or behavior to recover.  That is what I help my clients do.

So I hope that explains my reasons for making April, Recovery Month at Pennick Family Therapy.  However, every month we work for recovery and change!

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