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Are you stuck in a rut?

Are you stuck in a rut?  Getting stuck is inevitable but staying there is not.  There are all kinds of ways we can get stuck; exercise slump, relationship rut, career stalemate, or an overall mental funk.  Do any of those sound familiar?  There are traps that we fall into that stall us and threaten to flat line our progress.

Here are some helpful tips for getting unstuck and avoid the mistakes that sabotage your success:

  1. Start over – when we begin a new change we are enthusiastic and we start to see dramatic changes; however, once we get comfortable we let up on our drive.  When you feel yourself at a plateau, look back at what you did in the beginning.  Use the same strategies that got you where you are and start over. 
  2. Keep an eye on your progress – you may not notice that your progress has slowed until it is too late, if you do not track it.  In the beginning set markers so you can track your speed.  If you are trying to increase your income, track your salary and see if you are where you want to be to reach your goal should you continue at the same speed.
  3. Avoid the quick fix – do you know someone who breaks through being stuck by taking action, then finds themselves stuck again a few months later?  Is that your MO?  You may be approaching the fix by seeking immediate gratification and not looking at a long term solution.  The way to avoid this is to trick your brain by establishing short term goals that help you delay gratification.  You can break down the big goal into smaller steps which give you more opportunity for victories. 
  4. Checking your body clock – this may seem odd when we are talking about getting unstuck; however, when you realize that you are better at 8:30 am than you are at 7:30 am,  it makes sense to work when you are at your optimum.  Timing is one of the biggest factors in getting unstuck because; it plays into our interaction with others, our mental status, our energy level and all other areas of our lives.
  5. Buddy system - when you feel you creativity is low or you feel your progress as slowed find someone who has a higher energy level and work beside them, bounce ideas off of them or just try to emulate them as you go about making changes.
  6. In the box thinking – yes, it can be risky business but when you allow yourself to think outside the box you will find yourself picking up momentum because your enthusiasm has increased.  You begin to reinvest in your future when it becomes more interesting to you.
  7. Living on the edge – get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  When you think outside the box and adapt a new set of options you are challenging the status quo.  You may feel that it is safer to keep things the way they are, but you can’t more forward and stay where you are.
  8. Try it on – this is different from thinking outside the box.  Trying it on, means to walk around in your new approach.  Visual what it is like seeing yourself living with your decision.  Go through your day, your week and even the next ten years to feel what the ramifications will be to the way you operate.
  9. Weight the cost & benefits – this is an excellent way to get you out of a rut, overcome a slump or a stalemate.  What are the costs of keeping things the same? Yes, there are costs involved in not making changes and staying stuck.  What are the costs of getting unstuck?  What scares you most about getting out of your comfort zone?  Can you live with that?  What are the benefits of staying stuck?  Of course there are benefits to stay stuck because you are comfortable where you are, even if you are miserable.  That is because it the devil you know, not the one you don’t know.  What are the benefits to getting unstuck?  You should be able to find those easily and see the potential as a exciting challenge.
  10. Don’t get too comfortable – you may get exactly where you want to be and then you become comfortable with the changes so you forget to keep moving forward.  For example you may be very successful at weight loss.  You have lost 50 pounds through a program of dieting and exercise.  You have maintained the weight loss for several months and you are comfortable with your new body.  However, you are seeing this as the new normal and not the new way of living.  The weight will come back as soon as you forget to keep moving forward.  It is simply essential to not feel once you have reached a goal that you are finished.  You don’t have to decide to lose another 10 pounds or change careers; again, however, you do need to make a new goal to maintain the changes you have made.

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