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Hypnotherapy...does it work?

“Does it work? “ Most people would agree that this is the probably the number one question for anyone considering hypnotherapy. Is it magic? No. So often client have many misconceptions about hypnotherapy and how it works.  There is little doubt, and research has shown hypnotherapy produces results and is often successful where other treatments have not been so effective.  But how does it work? And will it work for you?

You may know people who somehow seem determined to get over difficulties in their life.  They are resilient and always seem to get through the struggles of life.   Then you know others who simply give up when they are faced with problems or adversity. Instinctively we all know that how we feel about ourselves makes a huge difference in how we approach problems.  The way we think and how we perceive life makes a real difference to what happens to us in any given situation. Confidence in yourself and rapport with your therapist makes a big difference in how therapy proceeds.  Having the belief and the confidence in hypnotherapy treatment is essential.  Believing that in a possible successful outcome contributes to the success of hypnotherapy. Clients who present with a strong negative belief in treatment will results in lack of success. Many of those clients whether they are seeking psychotherapy or hypnotherapy leave therapy due to their resistance and lack of commitment.  Lack of commitment to treatment and self-doubt seldom produces the result we want.

Will it work for you?

First, you should consider what it is that you want to achieve. Hypnotherapy will not make you do anything you do not want to do. For example, we have all seen the performance with people seemingly acting against their will while barking like dogs or doing other silly acts.  Hypnotherapy helps you to actually reach your full potential and tap into your subconscious mind to do so. It will magically remove all of your bad habits. However, it can help to ease the pain, calm thoughts and fears and engender a positive attitude to recovery from a negative situation.

Second, most importantly, hypnotherapy treats habits.  Hypnotherapy treats habits such as smoking, overeating and nail biting.  It is also extremely helpful with psychological problems such as panic attacks, anxiety, lack of confidence and stress. There are many more conditions that can benefit from hypnotherapy.

Third, as I mention before you will be much more likely see results in treatment if you feel comfortable with your therapist. If you are resistant to hypnotherapy, due to fear of mind control or have questions about the way the session go, call today for a free consultation. You will find out how I will approach your situation and see if we can build a rapport or understanding that will help you address your issues.  After your first consultation we will begin with an assessment.  I will walk you through a practice session to assess how you will respond to hypnotherapy. 

Fourth, I am sure you have a few lingering thoughts in your mind about whether hypnotherapy will work for you or not.  What if I told you it was 80% successful and 20% unsuccessful?  How will you know which category you fall into? To help you make an informed we will discuss the costs and benefits of therapy.  I discuss the costs and benefits of any treatment with all my clients.  We will evaluate your beliefs about hypnotherapy and determine whether you are a candidate for treatment with hypnotherapy or if there is another therapy approach that might work better for you.  I only work with clients that I feel are truly committed to change.  It is not helpful for them or for me to see them quit therapy or be unsuccessful. 

So, when you are ready, let me work with you. If you would like to schedule your free consultation or if you have questions, please feel free to call my office at 316-305-7106

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